The Concertina Museum Collection Ref:C-203.

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Item Type: Concertina

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Full Description: A later period 48-Key two-ply amboyna-ended, nickel-inlaid concertina by George Case, from the period when Case's instruments were marketed by Boosey & Sons (and later by Boosey & Co, Boosey & Ching). Silver-capped nickel keys, double-reed pan with sub-pan baffle, green leather gilt-embossed 5-fold bellows

Concertina Summary: 48-Key nickel-inlaid, amboyna-ended George Case concertina, with the Boosey & Sons label wording: Serial No 2321, silver-capped keys, double-reed pan with complex sub-pan baffle, green leather bellows.

Owner or Collection: Concertina Museum, Belper

Maker: George Case

Maker Links: George Case:Good source of information at Chris Flint's web-site: An 1860 price list is at: and Case's address data is at: Booseys' address data at:

Region of Manufacture: London

Main Maker's Label Wording: "Patent concertina by George Case, Boosey and Sons, Holles Street, London".

Principal Serial Number: 2321 on all internal parts, but 3418 inked in LH cartouche

System Type: Standard 48-Key Treble English system

Source Catalogue No: The Concertina Museum Collection Ref:C-203.

Maker Details

George Tinckler Case was active at 32 New Bond Street, London, from about 1850 to 1856.

'Professor' Case seems to have been much more of a musician and tutor, although he originally worked for Wheatstone. He produced many tutors and arrangements. He first appears in listings in 1850 at New Bond St as a Seraphine Maker, but from 1851 this is changed to Concertina Manufacturer. He took over from Joseph Scates and around 1856 sold out to Boosey & Co.

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