The Concertina Museum Collection Ref:C-015.

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Item Type: Concertina

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End Frets

Summary: The second appearance within the Collection's Wheatstones of the "Circular Fret" design, in which intricate fretwork is replaced by an annular space between outer and inner parts of the ends, revealing a circular view of the sub-fret pine boards. This did not become a "Standard" Wheatstone design, though it was tried by the later makers such as Joseph Scates. This version has endbolts in the centres of of the end-frames.

End Shape: Hexagonal

End Sides: Six

End-Profile: Flat

End Material: Two layer mahogany ends, (separate Fret and action layers) solid mahogany end and action frames.

End Bolts: Tall cheese-head brass bolts, securing the fretwork end to the action frame and bellows in the centres of the hexagonal sides, which becomes the standard method.

Label Embouchure Pattern: No embouchure - label and serial number show clearly throught the annular exposed area of the sub-fret pine boards.

Strap Screw-insert type: Inset circular brass screw-fittings to side, each secured by a single brass screw.

Finger-rest: Standard format curved-end brass finger-rests, dark green leather cladding, (some parts missing from RH rest). Three securing screws. Due to their use on this "Circular Fret" model, the open side of the finger-rest hangs over the annular space!

Fret Condition: Very fine

Damage Summary: Crack to RH fret, rough later case.

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