The Concertina Museum Collection Ref:C-337.

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Item Type: Concertina

Summary Labels and Serial Numbers End Frets Fingering System Straps and Holding Devices Fret Baffle Action Board Reeds and Reed Pans Bellows Case and Other

Labels and Serial Numbers

Label Mounted on end: A first appearance of the standard stamp of "Screwed Notes, Defi-GJ-ance, London Make" found on on the hand-bar of most later Jones models.

Serial Number mounted on End: Not on LH baffle.

Serial Number Under Frets: A batch number "3" on the inner tip of fretboard.

Serial Number On Action Board: Number 26937 on inner rim of action.

Serial Number On Pans: 26937 on inner face of each pan.

Serial Number On Bellows Frame: 26937 on top corner of bellows-frame.

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The Concertina Museum Collection

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